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Business becomes far complicated than yesterday. Tons of new alternative technologies are emerging everyday. Absolutely true, no one can guarantee that your decision today still be the best for tomorrow. How can you handle changes without loosing? How can you make sure that your solution today going to work well as far as expected?


Abzolute Techno One

Aiming to be a unique technologies consultation firm, we focus on doing research and development regarding on new technologies in various fields together with our unique business concepts. Undeniable, nothing’s easy in this wild world. We believe that no one can say the shortest path to success without knowing every path exactly in deep detail. That's why we put a lot of effort on R&D more than other companies. Keep learning from success/failure. What we are now hasn’t been built through a night.


Contact us, if you want innovation. Not only technologies but also business ideas.


Abzolute Logistic Solution


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77/6 Soi Ladprao 35, Junkasem, Jatujak, Bangkok, Thailand, 10900
Tel. +(662) 5132324-5, Sales. +(668) 3 925 9693



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